Getting There

Information on Australia can be obtained from many places but the best place to go would be to the Lonely Planet Guide on Australia. Qantas is Australia's major international carrier and bookings can be made at compertative rates at STA Travel . More information on Victoria can be obtained from Information Victoria or from Victoria - Events and Tourism The Current World Exchange Rates site provides the up-to-date rates.


Australia has a lot of place to see and the best way to get around is by using public transport. I live in the state of Victoria and the best way is to travel to all the country towns is using V/Line which offers Country Trains and Buses. If you are in Melbourne and need to get from place to place, you can use the MET which controls Trams, Trains and Buses.


Australians are sports going people and they are basically interested in two key sports.... Cricket and Australian Rules Football. During the summer, cricket is played and during the cold winter season all the cricket grounds are transformed into football fields. Victoria also has some interesting Ski Spots. The 2000 Olympics games are also going to be held in Sydney. You can pick Your Lucky Numbers Tattersall's Lotto or simply watch Melbourne's TV.


The AGE is Melbourne's only online newspaper providing the latest news and information. Herald Sun is a pictorial and also provides quality reading. Weather information can be obtained from the Bureau of Meterology while information on upcoming community events in Victoria can be obtained from VICNET. The latest information on shares can be accessed at the Australian Stock Exchange.